The Loupe Jewelry Appraisal _ FAQ title

Does The Loupe run on Windows 7 & 8?

Yes. The Loupe is a web-based platform.

Are there minimum hardware requirements for the Loupe?

The Loupe is a web-based platform so as long as your PC can access the internet, it can run the program.

Can I insert pictures into the Loupe?

Yes, you can insert up to six digital pictures per item on your appraisal.

Can I change the font and use what I like?

You can change the font size but not the type.

Can I import and use my own logo?

Yes, and your logo will populate to each page of the document. The best file format for your logo would be a jpeg.

Can I plot in the Loupe?

Yes, the Loupe has a plotting program with some unique features that allow you to correct a plot after you have completed an appraisal if you see a need.

What types of appraisals can I use the Loupe for?

Estate, Insurance, Marriage Dissolution, Liquidation and appraises all types of jewelry, including watches and pearls. Our interface allows you to choose what you are appraising and provides easy to follow templates.

Can I use a colored gemstone grading system with the Loupe?

The Loupe has preset color grading terms but you can add your own from whatever system you are using.

Can I use PDF software with the Loupe?

The Loupe allows appraisals to be created in PDF format.

Is the Loupe only available by subscription?

No the Loupe is also available for purchase.

How do I know my information and my client’s information is secure?

You and your clients both have password protected access. The Loupe is protected by Degicert SSL socket to prevent unauthorized access.

What happens to my appraisals if my computer crashes?

The Loupe is a web based program so if your computer crashes your information will continue to be safe and secure on the loupe server. The Loupe server is backed up every hour on the hour.