What should be Included in a Gemstone Appraisal?

Various gemstones on white backgroundMany times, when people inherit gemstones, received them as a gift, or purchased them at an auction, they will want an appraisal performed on the gems to determine how much they are truly worth. With our online appraisal software, you will be able to perform these appraisals with ease no matter where you are when a client requests your services.

When performing an appraisal for a gemstone, there is a variety of information you will want to include in your report. Though the client primarily wants to know the value of the stone, there is much more information you should provide to them as well.

What to Include in a Gemstone Appraisal

When appraising gemstones, you should be including a detailed gemological description of the stone and its setting, if mounted. You want to ensure your client knows exactly what type of stone they have, how it is cut, and how it is set inside their acquired jewelry. Your appraisal should also include a description of the carat weight, size, color, and clarity. All of this information will be incredibly beneficial to the client should they ever want to resell the gemstone or have it fitted into another piece of jewelry down the line.

You also want to include whether the gem is natural or if it has been enhanced in any way. If it can be determined, you can also add where the gemstone was mined in your report.

With The Loupe online appraisal software, composing your detailed gemstone report will be efficient and easy. Reach out to us via the form on our contact page today for more information about our software.