Why the Loupe?

Why Choose Our Online Appraisal Software?

The Loupe_Why_Managing Existing Clients
Stop losing money with absent follow-ups. The Loupe online appraisal software can assist you in ensuring your current clients do not fall through the cracks. Keep in touch with your customers within a computer database and send updates and reminders to drive business and keep their appraisals up to date.


The Loupe_Why_Increase Productivity - Time is Money
With The Loupe, you can create a professional online jewelry appraisal and organize your client’s files in a shorter amount of time. This gives you the opportunity to produce even more appraisals in one work day. With the easy interface of our appraisal management software, you can effortlessly move through the process with accuracy. The Loupe provides you with accurate gem-weight calculations and online plotting with reset. You will also have the ability to monitor and review appraisals in progress, in real time, for optimal management, oversight, and consistency.


The Loupe_Why_Affordable
Our online appraisal software provides a robust platform to produce quality and accurate appraisals. The Loupe comes equipped with a variety of features, all with no significant initial investment and a low monthly subscription cost. You will be glad you chose The Loupe as your appraisal management software.


The Loupe_Why_Operate from anywhere
Creating an appraisal on the go is very helpful, especially since you never know when, or where, you will meet your next client. The Loupe allows you to create a professional online jewelry appraisal that is cloud-based and will auto-sync across all devices when changes are made. Now your business opportunity is ready anytime, anywhere. You and your client will have secured, password protected access from any computer.