The Loupe

The Loupe Jewelry Appraisal Software

The Loupe jewelry appraisal software will become the most powerful tool for your appraisal business. Our online appraisal software is designed for both the beginning and experienced appraiser and takes little time to learn. The Loupe allows you to effortlessly move through a complete appraisal with accuracy and speed, even when updating and archiving files. The Loupe is the easy and efficient tool that your business needs.

With our online appraisal software, you will create consistent and professional appraisals every time. The Loupe allows you to add your business logo, has easy-to-use templates, calculates gem-weights in real-time, and so much more. The features of our appraisal management software include digital imaging, online plotting, real-time updates, and built-in customer follow-ups.

The Loupe produces all types of appraisals, such as estate, insurance, marriage dissolution, and liquidation. Our jewelry appraisal software also appraises all kinds of jewelry, from watches to pearls. You can choose what type of appraisal and piece of jewelry you want to appraise within just a few clicks.

The Loupe_FP 24_7
The Loupe’s 24/7 online access allows you and your customer to access appraisals at any time. All you need is an internet connection to create an appraisal and operate your business from any computer or compatible device.

The Loupe_FP No Lost Appraisals
The Loupe is a cloud-based, password protected platform with regularly scheduled back-ups. This will protect you and your client’s data from computer crashes, lost laptops or devices, and a lack of maintenance on the device.

The Loupe_FP Profitable
The Loupe appraisal management software offers many ways to increase your profit margin. Click here to learn how The Loupe is the perfect choice for your appraisal services.